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Patrick H
Deanna knows massage I've been receiving massage treatment at Take 5 for a few years now, and never have been disappointed. I usually leave thinking "I need to do that more often"! The variety of services offered is outstanding and Deanna knows how to use them all effectively.
Susan F.
Outstanding and blissful! I brought my friend for her very first massage and she was nervous, but it ended up being a wonderful, soothing experience for her (me too, but I already love massages) Deanna is kind, welcoming, caring and our overall experience could not have been better! Looking forward to going again. Definitely 5 stars!
Susie Evans
Great massage! Deanna gives a very thorough massage and very skilled at her job. The Revitalize treatment felt so good and my skin was so soft after. Especially love the cupping on the face. So nice! Thanks Deanna
The BEST Deanna is very respectful and kind and her massages are the best. I always leave feeling so glad I've made the time for myself. I came to her for a massage after my dad passed away and I was so tense from grief. I'm now making it a priority to add massage into my self care. I've been to other massage places, but I really like going here the best.
Best massage ever!!! Dee gave me my first chair massage ever and man was it ever amazing!!! For the little time it took I left feeling completely relaxed. Chair massage is definitely for me!!!
Excellent in every way Thank you for all you have done for me. Your attention to detail is incredible. You have helped me feel immensely better. I look forward to the next massage very soon!
Holistic approach She did an amazing job!
Debbie B
Professional, Thoughtful, Conscientious I have been receiving massages including reflexology from Deanna for the better part of a year. Always a treat--both therapuetic and relaxing. Deanna always strives to make the experience the very best for each client.
Best one in a long time! I have been getting massages 1-3 times a year. Always compared them to the very first one I got as it was fabulous. Finally found it at Take 5 with Deanna.
Deanna has a golden touch I highly recommend Deanna and her Take 5 massage.
So Relaxing One of the most relaxing massages I've ever had! I was so impressed with the attention to my personal preferrences. Dee made sure to ask me if the amount of pressure she was using was comfortable. I will definitely be going back!!!!
Just what I needed! Great chair massage. Can't wait to try full body!!
Sharon D
Best impulse I've had in a long time! I was on my lunch hour, and decided to stop in to see what type of services were offered. I ended up staying for a 15-minute chair massage; the headache I'd had all day was gone! I've had 90 minute full body massages that couldn't even compare to how good I felt when I left Take 5 today - THANK YOU!
Mihir P
Another excellent massage I was in desperate need for massage to relieve the stiffness in my shoulders and calves. Deanna worked her magic and all the stiffness in the muscles is gone. It was a great massage and I feel absolutely refreshed.
Susan C
AWESOME! Deanna is amazing! She knows how to apply just the right pressure every time, and makes me feel very comfortable. She is very professional and punctual, has great organizational and communication skills, and also gives the personal touch that is needed for a great massage experience.
Janet H
Best Chair Message ever On a whim, I stopped at Take 5 to see if there was an opening for a chair massage. Deanna did a wonderful job and I left feeling totally relaxed. I will definitely be back!
Ahhhhhhh What a wonderful way to spend an hour! Thank you so much for the wonderful massage. I appreciate the attention to my comfort level. The way you adjusted the pressure was great and made all the difference! My back and neck feel so much better! The ultimate indulgence was having the massage in the comfort of my own home...didn't need to get dressed and leave! Thanks again!!
Rich A
5 star chair massage Deanna will focus on hands and neck and shoulders if you relief for stress after computer work!
Marilyn H
Best massages I have ever had Review of Deanna I highly recommend Deanna if you need a massage. I have many massages through the years and she is the best I have ever had. I like a firm type of massage but she does whatever type you need. Give her a try, you will not be disappointed.
Nancy D
Changes in Migraine due to massage I used to get a 10 minute chair massage at work every other week, but because of demands at work was unable to participate. This caused some issues with migraines flare ups, so I started getting a 30 minute massage every other week with Deanna. The massage has helped reduce the pain in my neck and frequency of full blown headaches has been reduced. Deanna and her massaging hands are AWESOME!!!
Come a Live Massage I felt very lethargic and went for a one hour massage. When my husband picked me up a was a live again he could not believe it was the same woman he left at take 5 Massage. I fell very energized and relaxed.
Matty D
Very Professional Experience Deanna was as always, so very professional and done an amazing job! I have used Deanna for several chair massages and have always been thoroughly impressed and satisfied. I was finally able to get in and receive a Full Body Massage and as expected; a wonderful experience was had. I even took some of her brochures and placed around my work place to spread the goodness she can bring to you in any massage needs. Thanks again Deanna and I WILL see you very soon! Love your Zen office as well, very relaxing and nice!
Kim T
Don't wait, take care of yourself NOW! The online scheduling and payment with Pay Pal is great.As a busy mom I kept putting off trying to get some relief for sore neck and shoulders but then I discovered Take 5 Massage while searching the web. I scheduled an appointment for the same day and the 30 minute chair massage was the perfect way to address my issues.I like the convenience of keeping your clothes on and maximizing the time to work on sore muscles. The new place is clean, professional and convenient and the chair is in a nice, private room. Deanna did a great job finding all my sore spots and I felt so much better when I left.
Jim B
Excellent result Great session. Very good deep tissue massage.
Great therapist The best part about Deanna is that she listens and is very receptive to changing things up to ensure your massage meets your needs. I have specific issues that need treating every time, and she makes sure they are. Very grateful for that!
Susan S
Amazing Every massage I have had with Deanna has been absolutely amazing. Her touch is perfect no matter what you prefer. Her movements are fluid and so relaxing. Don't wait any longer, make your appointment and feel for yourself how absolutely amazing her hands really are.
Marla M
Full Massage cupping and magnets used All worked very good for me. I never had any problems after the massage and relaxed me very good. Thanks
Excellent Deanna is very professional and a great massage therapist. I felt completely comfortable the entire time. I can tell that Deanna really cares about her clients. She took the time to listen to what was bothering me and focused on those areas during the massage. I left feeling refreshed and relaxed.
Jennifer W
Massage 6/7/14 Loved, loved, loved the massage. Thank u again.
Alan V
Great break in the day I highly recommend a lunch time chair massage here. Deanna is the best at this. The on-line scheduling works really well, even on short notice.
Janis P
Relief Review of Deanna I took a fall a little over 2 weeks ago. My chiropractor's treatment helped some but after 3 treatments I still experienced pain. After a 1 hr massage from Deanna, Im well on my way to being pain free. Before my massage, Deanna asked questions and took notes regarding the specfics of my discomfort. During her treatment she was very conscious of my level of comfort. I rate her level of expertise as a 10 plus. I highly recommend her services as a compassionate and professional Massage Therapist. I haven'tfelt this good in weeks!
Kimberly E
Helped me out of a bind Thank you for helping me with my muscle pain. It made such a difference, and I have had such a feeling of relief. I look forward to returning soon!
Scott J
massage Great work. Always consistently good.
Brenda H
Highly Recommended! Deanna Finical is always very professional. She genuinely cares about whether I have a comfortable,relaxing experience. I recommend her to friends and acquaintances all the time!
robert carter
therapy I have had both cupping and massage. both excellent. I would recommend her to anyone.
Joleen H
Joleen's 1st consultation Deanna, thanks so much for spending extra time with me on Friday. I felt so much better that day and I know I slept better that night. Can't wait to see you again.
Patrice W
Just the right touch Deanna pays a great deal of attention to your stress points and works to relieve any muscle knots or built up muscle tightness.
Danielle A
LOVE HER I was nervous because I received a gift card for Spafinder and could not seem to find a good company to use the giftcard at. I finally found Take 5 as one of the options! Deanna was so warm and thorough. I have had over 100 massages in my life but this was one of the best! She massaged for the FULL 60 minutes and hit all the spots I asked, but didn't go too hard or too soft. I was very impressed. I will be returning there in a month.
Barbara S
Massage The massage was excellent . It was very relaxing.
Dan S
Massage Trigger Points Deanna did an excellent job of relieving trigger points. The relief was immediate. I recommend Deanna and Take 5 Massage.
Relaxing and affordable Convenient new location in Overland Park. The rates are extremely affordable and the massage was great. We will definitely return!
Susan S
Relaxing Massage Deanna does such a wonderful job of making me feel relaxed before, during and after my massages. She's friendly and caring and always completely absorbed in her work. You only need to tell her what you're wanting to accomplish with your massage and she makes it happen. Thanks Deanna you're awesome!
Kathy B
So current on the new information and research of Massage Deanna is incredibly talented, professional and keeps up with all of the latest research and new techniques in order that the customer always gets exactly what they want and need! She under promises and over delivers!
Carolyn B
Sore Muscles I was having some soreness in my lower back and legs from some exercising/dancing I was doing and decided to try Take 5 Massage and Deanna. She gave me a full body massage that truly helped relax me and take care of the sore muscles I was having. It was the first time I had set an appointment with her and she talked with me first and then was very attentive to my needs. I will book another appointment for sure.
the best chair massage ever had Very attentive to problem areas. Deanna is very personable and professional: before, during, and after. I look forward to another massage from her in the very near future, would like to try a table massage next. But very good for a quick fix adjustment.
Natalie S
Very relaxing! At 7 months pregnant, I've got lots of aches and pains going on. Deanna made sure that I was comfortable and really focused on the areas that were giving me the most trouble. I could really tell a difference in how my body felt after leaving the massage. It was a very relaxing experience and I would definitely recommend her to others!
Patrick H
Very relaxing experience Deanna provides the best combination of caring customer service, effective massage techniques, and relaxing atmosphere that I have ever experienced. And, she follows up afterward for input and feedback to gain more insight for the next session, something I find very refreshing. I am totally satisfied.
Wonderful and very knowledgeable Deanna is very good at giving massages. She has helped me with not only a relaxing time but if I have questions about things to do to help me she provides info or will do research and call or Email me. She is very good and I highly recommend her. I don't think you will be disappointed.